Attention is a Currency

Attention is a curency – at least it is online. Our attention is worth something, and it can cost quite a bit (Google will charge companies $32 per click for terms like auto insurance). As a dentist, you have your...

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What is Permission

Seth Godin coined the phrase in his 1999 classic Permission Marketing. Gaining permission should be at the heart of every dentist’s marketing strategy. Permission is the privilege you’ve earned to deliver...

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Writing a Story

After you have given your business a uniform identity, it is time to take a moment to write a story about your brand. Plenty of dentists look and talk the same as the doctor down the road, but the most successful small...

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Should a Dentist Start a Blog?

It’s all about search; we search for nearby restaurants, coffee shops, doctors, and dentists. While the best way to market a dental office is to generate referrals, your patients are going to assume that you can be found...

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Frequency is Greater-Than Reach

A common mistake dentists make when establishing an advertising plan is assuming reach (displaying your ad to more people) is more effective than frequency (showing your ad to less people more often). Seth Godin said it best...

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