In my last post, I wrote about how to find a good residency. However, some young readers may be contemplating if they should attend a dental residency at all. For those that have been reading this blog for a while, this post may contradict some of my previous writings. I am still bullish on AEGDs and GPRs and think that they probably pay off in the long-run. However, I think a big assumption made by those choosing to pursue an AEGD or GPR is that they will complete the program and enter into a private practice similar to the one they went to while aspiring to be a dentist. This is often not the case as the vast majority of graduates seem to enter into corporate or associate run offices even after competing a residency.

I think a question worth asking is would you rather graduate and go into a corporate job or complete a residency and then take that same corporate job?

No doubt that an extra year dedicated to learning will have an impact on the student. In most cases that is a positive impact, but it’s often intangible and discounts the development that takes place from just working – either on your own or with some indirect supervision.

For the most part, those I know who did a residency, took the same type of job I got when I graduated (something to think about).