Month: March 2013

Lasting Impressions

“When you disappoint someone (or exceed their expectations), that interaction is going to color all the interactions that person has tomorrow and next year.”- Seth Godin, The Icarus DeceptionWhen a patient...

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Frequent, Focused, Personal

FrequentFocusedPersonalThat’s your best shot at gaining and maintaining our attention. Any marketing campaign you launch that is not frequent, focused, and personal (it must be all three) can be improved.

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What’s a Landing Page

Also called a “lead capture page”, a landing page is a single web page designed to convert its visitors into sales leads.Landing pages can be designed as a reference (informational) or to accept payments...

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A Free Ebook for Dentists

Today, perspective patients are using search engines, review websites, and their peers’ recommendations to find new dental services and it us up to you to be accessible to answer their questions, earn their trust, and...

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