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Passing the WREB CTP Exam

Over the weekend I received an email from a reader asking for advice regarding the WREB CTP exam as she has failed the examination twice. I have decided to post my edited response here as other dental students may find it...

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As a dentist who studied at a school on the East Coast, but took the Western Regional Board, I am often asked what’s the difference between the NERB and the WREB?Note: The North Eastern Regional Board (NERB) is now...

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This year, the Western Regional Board Exam (WREB) – the exam dentists need to take to practice in California and other states – released a new written exam. The creators of the WREB are calling this new exam the...

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Studying for NBDE Part II

I recently passed NBDE Part II. Part II of the National Board Dental Exam is a two day exam consisting of 500 questions – 400 questions during day one and 100 questions during day two.Day one consists of 400 multiple...

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