I recently passed NBDE Part II. 

Part II of the National Board Dental Exam is a two day exam consisting of 500 questions – 400 questions during day one and 100 questions during day two.

Day one consists of 400 multiple choice questions split into two sections of 200 questions. Between each section is an optional 1 hour lunch break.

Day two consists of 100 case based questions. There is no scheduled break during day two.

To study, I used:

  • Dental Decks (2011-2012)
  • Tuffs Pharmacology PDF
  • Tuffs oral pathology PowerPoint
  • ASDA Test Packet II-K (national board exam questions from December of 1993)

I did not review the oral pathology and pharmacology sections of the Dental Decks. Instead, I read the Tuffs oral pathology PowerPoint and the Tuffs pharmacology PDF. I read the PowerPoint and PDF once. I completed 200 of the 400 multiple choice questions in the ASDA test packet, and I reviewed two cases and their corresponding questions in the ASDA test packet. 

I studied for 7 weeks, reviewing 10-20 cards per week night (30-60 minutes) after clinic and buckling down on the weekends.

Many of my classmates passed the exam after studying for only 4 or 5 weeks, but since I knew I would study very little during the week, I decided to give myself seven weekends to prepare.

If you have questions about Part II of the boards, post a comment or send me an email using the “Contact” page.