[Editor’s Note – the podcast has been discontinued].

As I told you before, I’ve started a podcast. The first six episodes are all about AEGDs and GPRs, and so far, three episodes have been released.

In the first episode I spoke with Dr. Alexandra Hernandez and Dr. Richard Duarte about there experiences in residency.

In the second episode, I spoke to Dr. Kevin Lee who completed a GPR at Harbor, UCLA.

In the third episode, I spoke to Dr. Aleah Cho who completed an AEGD at the University of Maryland.

With each guest, we talk about their expectations and the realities of residency. We talk about their schedules, patient flow, and procedure mix. We talk about how much time they spend in clinic and how much time they spending in lectures.

From what I’ve gathered, everyone’s residency was well worth their time. If you’re contemplating a residency program, you may want to listen to these episodes before deciding where to apply.

You can catch all three episodes by clicking the “Podcast” link in the main menu. Or, type podcast.http://oneloosetooth.com into your favorite web browser. You can find me one iTunes, Google Play, or search One Loose Tooth with your favorite podcast app and click subscribe.