I saw this promise at a Starbucks in Washington DC over the weekend. I haven’t seen or heard of a dentist with a similar promise – “love your tooth, or let us know – we’ll always make it right”, but I don’t think it’s long before I do.

I’m sure if Starbucks can replace a $2 to $4 coffee at no cost (how many people actually complain?), a dentist can replace a composite or amalgam if a patient isn’t satisfied.

An individual might hesitate to make a promise like this, but a corporate chain won’t. That’s something to think about if you’re like most of the dental profession – a little fearful of corporate dental chains taking too big of a bite out of the pie.

It’s important to note that this promise appears in writing and before I make my purchase. I expect the same from a dentist – a big, bold, easy to see sign. Maybe, one in every operatory, but most likely just one sign, right where your patients check in.