This is one reason why dentistry is so ridiculous sometimes. Nobody really talks to dental students about some of the nonsense that goes on after graduation and before ownership. Here is a text message from a friend and a colleague I received recently:

You obtained a bachelor’s degree, and then a doctorate. You complete a residency program, and obtain a job. You’re excited. You have been hired by one of your colleagues, you are grateful for the opportunity, and the other dentists agrees to pay you as both of you have verbally discussed. You show up, go to work, do what is expected, and you don’t get paid. Yep, a dentist stiffs one of their own. This isn’t a one off event. It happens all the time and quite frankly it’s so typical.

Here are some lessons: 

  1. Before you commit to working, agree how and when you will be paid.
  2. Try and get a contract in place soon after your start working (I’m actually okay with working somewhere for a week or two on a verbal agreement, but after that, get it in writing or find something else).
  3. Always have an attorney review your contract. If you don’t have an attorney, call Robert Montgomery or Justin Weaver at (I’m not paid to recommend Rob or his team).