A do-it-yourself solution should cost between $100 and $400 per year depending on the features you would like to add to your website.

The cost of building your own website includes domain name registration (costing about $14.99 per year). A .com domain name extension is the default setting for business websites, and a dentist should try and reserve hername.com. 

For instance, Dr. Billy Kim DDS should try and purchase BillyKim.com or BillyKimDDS.com. If one or both of these domain names is taken, Dr. Kim should consider purchasing BillyKimDentist.com or BillyKimDental.com. 

If, after you have exhausted all of your .com options without finding any vacancies, continue your search using other extensions such as .net or .org.

Although it is convenient, you do not have to register your domain names with the same company you use to host your websites. GoDaddy is usually the most economical domain name registar. 

Wordpres.com, Virb, and Squarespace are three popular do-it-yourself solutions that are easy to use, economical, and flexible. All three companies will offer plenty of power behind your site, and their uptime is consistently close to 100%. WordPress.com is arguably the solution with the most options to choose from, but Squarespace and Virb have some of the most elegant templates on the Internet.