Most dental practices don’t have their own logo, but a logo is essential to establishing a brand. Seth Godin recently wrote about logos:

“The original reason for brands was to let the buyer know the source of the goods. “We made this,” says the organization we trust when we buy something.

Over time, though, brands have evolved into something we want other people to see, not just us. “I bought this,” says the person who wears or drinks or drives something with status.”

— Seth Godin

Not having a logo is a mistake – a missed opportunity to build a brand in your local community.

Do a Google Image search for “dental office logos”. Notice how many of the logos have a tooth or a brush incorporated into their design. Your logo should not follow this bland tradition if you are practicing in a crowded market. Aspen Dental (one of the larger corporate dental chains) has a simple logo with no tooth or toothbrush.

Aspen Dental Logo

If you absolutely need to incorporate the outline of a tooth into your logo, watch this video for some hints that may help inspire you or your graphic designer.