According to ExactTarget, 91 percent of respondents to a 2012 survey said that they checked their email daily, while only 57 percent checked their Facebook profiles every day.


Furthermore, 77 percent of ExactTarget’s respondents said that email was their preferred channel for “permission-based promotional messages”.


It is clear that we have developed a tremendous dependence on our email inbox, and it is important for dentists to effectively use email as a tool to market their practice. Since most of us check our email at least once a day, dentists should constantly analyze and adjust their email marketing campaigns in an effort to improve their open rates.

Here are 5 tips to improve your email open rate:

  1. Never pester your subscribers – every email should either inform or entertain your audience (doing both is better).
  2. Carefully craft your subject lines and never use all capitals (it reads like your YELLING).
  3. The “From” field should be your name, not your company’s or practice’s.
  4. Keep you emails short and to the point – preferably less than 3 short paragraphs*
  5. Never add an attachment – emails from businesses that contain attachments are suspicions and spam-like.

* Every month, more of our customers will be using smartphones to check their email. The scene on a smartphone does not accommodate very much text and scrolling can be tedious. In addition, smartphones bring the Internet with us, wherever we go, and while we’re on the go, we want the emails we receive to be quick and to the point; accommodate this desire.