Doing a good job for a fair price is no longer sufficient to guarantee success. 

Good dental work is easier to find than ever before (Yelp). Likewise, bad dentists are easier to identify, shout out, and publicly scold (Yelp).

A few words about gathering Internet reviews: 

No one talks about the boring, the predictable, or the safe. We don’t risk interacting with others in order to spread the word about something obvious or trite. We do talk about the remarkable, the weird, and the magical. We are more inclined to write a negative review (especially when we can remain anonymous), but slow to write a positive one. Collecting positive reviews requires your team to consistently exceed your clients’ expectations. Even then, after you’ve made us say “Wow”, only a few of us will feel the need to sit down, sign in, and type out. 

The challenge: exceed our expectations long enough and the service is no longer remarkable; it is ordinary and expected. Good enough to keep us coming back is not good enough to keep us writing endorsements.