If you’re a young dentist or you’re thinking about become a dentist, this podcast is worth listening to: http://dentalrealist.libsyn.com/episode-33-retirement-age-is-increasing-and-is-the-ada-doing-anything-to-help


Here’s what the podcast touches on:

3 dentist talking in a roundtable discussion format.
New ADA President is coming to town and he thinks the biggest problem facing the profession is student debt.
General sentiment is that the ADA is a joke and many dentists are unhappy. Someone needs to help dentists be happy.
Seeing 20 or 30 patients a day stinks, and doesn’t make for a happy dentist, seeing 20 or 30 patients and being paid less this year than you were last year is worse and doesn’t make for happy dentists.
Unhappy dentists do not make great clinicians.

Dentists are delaying retirement because they have to, not because they want to. The same dentists who are delaying retirement today only had about a quarter of the student loans that new graduates have; the future of the profession consists of more dentists working longer and delaying retirement (possibly indefinitely).

These pre-authorizations are ridiculous. The denials are too frequent, too time consuming, and destroying dentistry. Yada, yada, yada – it’s a good episode and I have no affiliation with the Dental Realists.