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Here’s the link to read The Affordable Care Act and You.

The gist of the affordable care act:

Dentists as employers are not affected. The affordable care act does not require businesses with less than fifty (50) full-time equivalent employees to provide health insurance. (Less than 1% of dental practices have 50 or more employees).

If a dentist has less than 25 full time employees, whose average salary does not exceed $50,000 annually, the employer could choose to receive a tax credit in exchange for paying at least 50% of his employees health insurance premiums. This tax credit disappears in 2016.

Dentists (employers) will be required under the Fair Labor Standards Act, to send all of their employees a notice that informs them of their new health insurance marketplace coverage options regardless of how many employees the dentist has.

The US Department of Labor (DOL) has designed notices that can be printed and distributed. Visit the DOL website to find out more:

Alternatively, download these PDFs:

Employers who offer health plans:

Employers who do not offer health plans:

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