I think general dentists really do provide a great service with tremendous value that nobody wants to pay for (PPO or FFS).

For all we do with our dentition, keeping our teeth healthy seems like a very good way to spend our money. Never-the-less, people readily purchase a case to protect their phone but refuse to buy a night guard.

As dentists, it seems like unless it hurts, we compete for the same dollars spent on the glut of subscription services our patients are signed up for. Quite frankly, patients would rather binge watch Netflix, get packages faster with Amazon Prime, stream music with Spotify, and curse that there’s nothing to watch on cable television anymore before they spend $1 at a dental office.

$800 for a crown? That sounds like a bargain to me, but how many patients are walking around with endo treated teeth with build ups or cotton balls in their mouth and a new iPad in their hand?