Howard Farran, DDS, MBA (general dentist, founder of Dental Town, and now author) recently published his first book, Uncomplicated Business.

In Uncomplicated Business, Howard has distilled business down to three components – people, time, and money. While Howard’s goal was to write a book that all small businesses could use, I find that he often returns to his core competency, dentistry. The book references Howard’s typical stories of the McDonald’s brothers and Sam Walton that we are all familiar with if you have listened to Howard’s 30 Day MBA or even his podcast. However, the book also describes the specifics of some of the strategies that have worked in the author’s own dental office. Dental-specific examples are why this book holds value for the average practice owner because when it comes to business strategies, dentists need maps. We need to be told how to go from A to B and examples are difficult to find because most dentists don’t have time to publish their thoughts and experiences.

While the book is not a how-to guide, there are enough examples specific to the dental industry to make it worth the list price on and I’d hope you’d consider purchasing a copy – even if it is just to support another dentist in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

At the end of the day, Uncomplicated Business is a book written by a dentist for other dentists and it’s exactly what practice owners need to read who are struggling to grow their practices. Too often, dentists attempt to re-invent the wheel, but when it comes to business strategies, there are few general dentists as knowledgable as Howard Farran.

Back Cover of Uncomplicated Business by Howard Farran