Despite the small number of dentists who are writing their thoughts online via a blog, some amazing content was published during 2015. Below is a list of the best dental blogs of 2015.

The AGD continues to publish great content on “The Daily Grind” and it maintains one of the best blogs for general dentists on the internet.

Extractions, extractions, extractions! Dr. Paul Hung writes about life as a dentist in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas and he has posted oral surgery after oral surgery case all year long. Each cases include a brief medical history, a pre-op and sometimes a post-op radiograph accompanied by a short description of how the case was managed. We need more blogs like this. You can visit his blog by clicking here.

Mike Barr has long preached about the value of publishing your own unique content online. The Dental Warrior is his personal blog where he writes about dentistry and marketing along with some personal antidotes. His writings were infrequent at the end of 2015 due to personal reasons, but when he did post he provided insight and perspective into dentistry and the challenges he and his family have faced this year can may give us all some perspective about what is truly important.

Sally McKenzie has been consulting dentists for a long time, and she gives away advice for free on her blog at McKenzie management.

Lastly, it’s not a blog, it’s a podcast! Dr. Howard Farran’s Dentistry Uncensored podcast consistently provided access to some of the best minds in the industry all year long. With some seriously dedicated people behind other podcasts (like the Relentless Dentist), I’m sure more great content will be available to stream in 2016.

Below is a video podcast of between two dentists on this year’s list – Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Mike Barr. Enjoy.

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