Understanding how dental insurance works is critical to a dentist’s success. I am of the belief that middle-class, single-owner private practices are being squeezed out of existence.

If you only have a few years left, you can disregard this email, but if retirement is not on the table yet, understanding dental insurance is crucial to your success. Dr. Travis Campbell has just released his second course on Embrasure Space. The course is titled “Understanding Insurance and PPOs”. I encourage every young dentist to take the course and it will pay for itself tomorrow.

You can learn more about Dr. Campbell’s course here.

PS, a disclaimer – I am not necessarily paid to recommend Travis’ course; however, I do own EmbrasureSpace.com, so I am invested in the success of our educators. With that said, we have been hard at work over at EmbrasureSpace.com and PracticeRail.com and I’m excited to share some updates with you in the near future. The next big project is a 20 email campaign about how to manage a jumbo student loan as a dentist. I should be releasing that campaign before the end of the month.