I enjoy listening to podcasts and have found myself subscribed to a few that are worth listening to. Here are 5 dental podcasts worth listening to as a young dentist.

1. Dental Realists – this is one of the few podcasts left that’s unsponsored, doesn’t try to sell you anything, and tells it like it is. One of the co-hosts filed for bankruptcy (while a dentist) and the others admit that every day isn’t a bonanza.

2. Dental Amigos – this is the newest podcast on this list. General dentist, Paul Goodman, and dental focused attorney, Robert Montgomery have started their own podcast together. This is the only attorney/dentist combo recoding a podcast and it makes for some interesting dialog.

3. Dental Hacks – The back and forth banter between co-hosts Alan Mead and Jason Lipscomb is humorous. If you like dentistry, but need an outlet from time to time, the Dental Hacks is a great podcast to listen to. The podcasts used to be released weekly, but the hacks have ramped up their production this year and are releasing mini-episodes that I’m not necessarily a fan of. Regardless, their full length episodes are released every Friday.

4. The Dental Guys – Wes and Jon are seasoned dentists who have a clinically focused podcast (whereas most of the dental podcasts in circulation skew towards practice management). Lately, the podcast has been a little heavy with Spear Education, but the early episodes are really great. Plus this episode where they interviewed Frank Spear belongs in the Dental Podcast Hall of Fame.

5. Doctor Demographics – Seriously, nobody talks about how great this podcast is. Scott McDonald is a demographer. Scott owns Doctor Demographics and shares his expertise on the podcast for free. These are short episodes packed with valuable information that we would typically have to pay for. Scott, got his start in dentistry working for the California Dental Association where he was analyzing the state’s demographics and formulating a marketing plan. He’s an expert, and he generously shares what he knows on his podcast for all of our benefit.

If you’re looking for a podcast about a specific dental topic and want to search through some achieved episodes, visit the archive I built at DentalPodcast.org

Are you sick of dentistry and want something else?

Try Akimbo.

Like Malcom Gladwell? Then try Revolutionist History.

And in case you missed it, S Town.