I’m on my way back from Nashville, Tennessee where I spent the last few days attending the Voices of Dentistry.
This was the first year that Alan Mead and crew organized the conference and I’d say attending was a good experience.


This year’s lineup included:

  • Dr. Alan Mead
  • Dr. Jason Lipscomb
  • Dr. Mark Costes
  • Dr. Russell Kirk
  • Dr. Wes Mullins
  • Dr. Jon Rogers
  • Dr. Shawn Van de Vyver
  • Jonathan VanHorn
  • Dr. Chris Giffin
  • Dr. Bilal Saib
  • Gary Takacs
  • Dr. Tarun Agarwal
  • Jayme Amos
  • Grant Ritchey
  • Dr. David Maloney
  • Dr. Justin Moody
  • Jeffrey Alan Smith
  • Gabe Olson
  • Michelle Strange
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Dr. Lance Timmerman
  • Dr. Richard Low
  • Dr. Anissa Holmes
  • Dr. Mike DiTolla
  • Dr. Joshua Austin
  • Dr. Brady Frank

Some Highlights:

Dr. Bilal Saib taught us how to talk to patients in plain English using words like “beautiful, healthy, and strong” that we all understand.

Dr. Richard Low provided some examples illustrating why practice ownership may be the best way to get out debt.

Dr. Shawn Van de Vyver and Jonathan VanHorn taught the audience how to build a landing page and use lead magnets to capture email addresses and secure new patients.

Gary Takacs talked about new patient experiences and a thriving dental practice.

Dr. Lance Timmerman had a great presentation about starting your own podcast and how to leverage it for some extra SEO juice. [If you’re interest in learning more about SEO, read this guide]. Lance also talked about sleep apnea which overlapped with Dr. Tarun Agarwal (a lecture I didn’t get to see).

Dr. Brady Frank introduced us to equity harvesting and much more.

Dr. Justin Moody talked about surgical guides as well as the use of digital technology and cone beam imaging in implantology.

Uh oh…here comes controversy. Dr. Wes Mullins and Dr. Jon Rogers (the Dental Guys) made their argument why minor occlusal interferiences might not be that big of a deal when restoring an implant. Plus, Wes makes his own coffee that pairs well with your favorite dental journal.


Dr. Mike DiTolla and Dr. Joshua Austin cracked jokes about bad breath, tiny impressions, and vasectomies…

There’s a new podcast coming out called the Millennial Dentist that just might take the cake for best dental podcast cover art.

I didn’t get to see every lecture, so I’ve left some people out but I’m sure their content was great. If you saw something you liked (or didn’t) you can leave your comments below. I think this was a great summit worth the cost of admission. If they decide to do it again next year, you should consider attending because this is a great event and an excellent group of dentists.