A monthly update:

I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving. After finishing NBDE part II and the WREB written exam (CTP exam), I have had more time to write and devote to miscellaneous projects.

For starters, I had a chance to redesign DentalNews.us (a news aggregation site I created for dentists). The new layout is really clean and the articles open in a light box when the link is clicked so you don’t have to bounce around the web reading one article after the other. I also updated the weekday newsletter I send out that’s packed with the latest publications from the ADA, JADA, ASDA, White Coat Investor, and many other dentists blogging their thoughts on the Internet. You can subscribe to that newsletter and view past digests here: http://dentalnews.us/about/dental-news-digest/

Below are some screenshots of the project:





I transformed my free ebook into a long (very long) blog post. You can read it here.

Here’s what I was reading last month – a list of the best dental articles (and some other gems) from around the web:

For Fun: A Proposed New Look for US Currency by Travis Purrington

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You can view more of Travis’s art on his website.